Today is National Margarita Day!

To celebrate a Cantina in England is celebrating the day with a $75,000 Margarita. The drink features two $3,500 tequilas and a $60,000 diamond floating on a flower. And a donut shop in Arizona is celebrating National Margarita Day with a margarita-flavored donut. The donut is made with a key lime glaze and sea salt, but no tequila. Here’s some fun facts to share as you enjoy your Margarita…

A Survery by National Today reveals that 32% of people love margaritas. Other findings:

– 6% of people expect a wild night out when they drink margaritas.

– 8% of people dislike margaritas.

– 7% of people have never had a margarita

– 67% of people prefer frozen margaritas

– 33% of people like margaritas on the rocks

– 50% of women and 41% of men believe margarita drinkers are energetic and outgoing

– 26% of people like to lick the salt off their margarita glass

– 33% of people say margaritas are their favorite happy hour drink.

– 15% of people say margaritas are always deceptively strong

-11% of people can’t spell Margereeta

What’s your favorite Margarita flavor? I like mine without the triple sec, lime juice and salt, and I prefer it served in a shot glass…

We’ll do this again on May 5th and please make sure you enjoy the day responsibly!


Joel is an award-winning bartender who enjoys chasing ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship