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By Gil C/Shutterstock

If you loved Netflix’s original series, Making A Murderer, you’re in for a treat.

According to Complex, they have started the production of the sequel, diving into Brendan Dassey & Steven Avery’s life after conviction, titled, Convicting A Murderer.

Director, Shawn Rech, will be directing the eight-episode series and looks like Netflix won’t be involved this go around because the film is being financed independently.

Making A Murderer was a “one-sided analysis of the case.” Rech said. Convicting A Murderer will show the case with a broader outlook of the police’s “wrongdoing”. “It will also share with viewers the traumatic effects of being found guilty and vilified in the court of public opinion,” Rech said.

I know I was a huge fan of Making A Murderer, I am very intrigued and can’t wait to see the second one, even if it’s not put on by Netflix.

Will you be tuning in to see, Convicting A Murderer?


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