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Joel Katz

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How can you not enjoy a holiday created to spread the love? And Chocolate? And Flowers? There cannot be enough days designated to show your love for someone! Many calls from listeners this morning said they believe that “it’s just another day and you should be showing love every day.” Two words, “COP OUT!” The same could be said for anniversaries, birthdays and any other day designed to celebrate the one you love. So get them some chocolate (I prefer milk), pick up some flowers (irises are beautiful), and take your Valentine to a romantic dinner because you’re not doing all that “every day!” Maybe Valentine’s Day is just another day, but it’s another day that reminds us how fortunate we are to have that very special person or people in our lives who we love more than we could ever show. #cupidisn’tstupid

Joel is an award-winning blogger who enjoys chasing ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship