Valentines Day, a day where we celebrate the love we have for that special someone in our lives. I am happily engaged to my amazing fiance Rosa Russo, who I’v been with since 2012. It’s honestly crazy when you realize how fast time really goes by, because this up and coming Valentines Day will be our last before be tie the knot and call each other husband and wife.

She’s my rock, my partner in crime and most importantly, she’s my best friend. She has always supported me and all of my goals that I have set out for myself. Has it been easy? Absolutely not because radio isn’t just a competitive industry to break into, but to be successful in it is a mission in itself. But this amazing woman has stuck by my side through the good and bad times. And to be honest, there were more bad than good lol. This is why I decided to ask her to be my wife and in just five short months, July 13th to be exact, Ms Rosa Russo will be my Mrs. McGinn.

But enough with the lovey dovey stuff, she’s only exicited for Valentines Day because she knows there will be chocolate waiting for her when she gets home, and I think she loves that more than myself! lololol!


Hmmmm… I wonder if Debbie will let me take one of those $15 gift cards were giving away on V-day for Gertrude Hawk Chocolates?!?