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Show of hands – who else is part of the “single ladies” club? Joel, Maryann, Debbie and Mike all have a significant other in their lives, but for once, I’m the odd man out. (Go figure!)

So, if you have been single like I am for Valentine’s Day before, how have you celebrated? I’ve turned all of my single Valentine’s Days into the all-too-stereotypical “Galentine’s Day.” So what does that mean? I grab my closest single girlfriends, pick up a meat and cheese board (chocolate is overrated, IMHO) – and likely a bottle of wine or four – and turn it into a nice movie night in. Over the years, we’ve watched everything from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to Love Actually to Titanic.

Hey, it might not be the “traditional” Valentine’s Day, but if you don’t have someone special to romantically spend the night with, you might as well spend it with some of your best friends! This year, I think we’re watching My Fair Lady.

So, if you’re single, do you do the “Galentine’s Day” thing? Let me know – if I’m still single by 2019, I might need some fresh ideas!

Happy Valentine’s – or Galentine’s – Day to you!