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Mike McGinn

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm

So this week the bosses decided to send me to an all inclusive resort in paradise! I’ve been spending the past few days at Beaches Turks & Caicos resort villages and spa and let me tell you, I honesty don’t ever want to go back home. This place has 21 different restaurants and the options are crazy! Sushi, hibachi, Italian, Indian & honestly, I can just go on and on! But of course you need an ice cold beverage in your hands at all times, well luckily, it’s almost impossible to get thirsty here cause there are bars everywhere and every thing is included! Plus, it’s not all about food and drinks, cause the amount of activities they have is endless! Scuba diving, Snuba, surf simulator, water slides, karaoke and again, I can go on and on.

Let me tell you this, you got to win this FREE trip! It all starts on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On-Air Personality with WDHA-FM (Classic, Alternative and Active Rock Music).