Maryann's Favorite Mini-Vacation Spot


Have You Dreamed of a Vacation That You Can Access for Free 24/7?

You may be wondering why my favorite vacation was watching thundering water rush over horseshoe shaped falls, but the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is amazing. A trip to the top of the Skylon Observation Tower, which has 3 observation decks, will put you in awe of seeing the Falls from  775 feet  above the river.  If you walk from the lower floor to the observation floor you will have to climb 662 actual steps. Your quads may feel like they're gonna burst when you reach the top, but you are guaranteed to add steps to your Fitbit.  The elevator is an option which will get you the top in 52 seconds. No matter how you get there, the view will be amazing!

Niagara Falls can be accessed for free 24/7 all year around. At night the Falls are illuminated in different colors. It's a beautiful light show on the water! You do have to pay for the surrounding attractions. Although my husband knows I have a fear of heights, he bought us tickets for a helicopter ride to see the Falls and surrounding area. He knew my thriftiness would out weigh my fear of heights.  Ok, so I'm cheap! I would rather risk my life by crashing into gushing water than waste the money on unused tickets. The helicopter ride was the most thrilling ride of my life. I felt like an eagle with their eagle eye perspective. For a moment I transcended into a bird soaring with such freedom in the sky.

There's so much ground to cover aside from the Falls. The area is well known for the scenic wineries. Who couldn't spend an entire day tasting wine and cheese?  I bought a bottle of Ice Wine, the sweetest, tastiest wine I ever put my lips on.  We love dinner with ambiance and ate at Revolving Dining Room.  Although I am highly sensitive to motion and get motion sickness from the slightest movement, I didn't even notice we made one complete revolution in an hour. Gazing at the Falls while dining was so romantic.

Niagara Falls is full of fun and interesting history which could be found at any one of the museums.   There's a cool display of the war of 1812 where you can handle replica muskets and try on red coats for family pictures.  The next time we visit the Falls I want to  bring family members with me.  Although it's not listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, I feel it should be.

Maryann Morgan will spend her free time trying to make Niagara Falls the New 8th Wonder of the World