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The Philadelphia skyline after the Eagles win against the Vikings on Sunday night

No matter who you root for this year in the Super Bowl, you’re bound to get some flack! So, as much as I’m afraid to face the wrath of some hardcore Patriots fans, I have to admit that I am 100% rooting for the Eagles this year. Besides, I like the band, too, so why not show some love to the sports team? ????

Some of you may not know, but after growing up in Edison and going to school at Rutgers, I moved to Philly in 2015. While I still am in Jersey all the time (how else would I be able to spend each night with you?!), I have really acquired a love for the city of Philadelphia, its people and even some of its sports teams. (Don’t worry – I’m still a Yankees baseball fan!)

I never really had any allegiance to any football teams growing up, so when I moved to Philly and realized what a passionate group of fans live here and the strong affiliation they have with their team, I immediately began rooting for the Eagles. It certainly hasn’t been an easy few years to watch, but now, I’m excited to see what the Big Game brings after one of their most successful seasons yet!

I watched last weekend’s Vikings/Eagles game at a local bar in Center City, and the palpable energy around the city later on that night as I walked home and the next day was something I’ve never experienced. So when it comes time for the Super Bowl, I’ll be watching with a ton of friends, probably at a local watering hole, keeping my fingers crossed in between stuffing my face with spicy buffalo wings and probably a few adult beverages.

That’s what the Super Bowl is all about, isn’t it? Regardless of who wins or loses, getting together, having a good time and having a laugh at the commercials! We’ll all win anyway since P!nk is singing the National Anthem, and JT will be performing at the halftime show – at least it’ll be a great night of music at the very least!

Okay, who’s winning the game might impact just how much fun you’re having, too… That being said, my birthday is February 1, so if the Eagles can pull off a win, that would be a fabulous way to start off my 28th year! Let’s get those Eagles to fly to a Super Bowl win!