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Sports Fans Will be Glued to TV Screens Across the US for the Super Bowl

I have to admit, half the time I don’t even know who’s playing but I attend every Super Bowl Party I’m invited to. It seems I’m the only one at the party not wearing their team colors because I don’t have a team! You might wonder why I would attend a party I care nothing about.  I am there for the commercials, not the game. Knowing Danny DeVito is going to play a red M&M for a Super Bowl Ad already has me craving for chocolate. Since I like the surprise factor on the big screen, I  never google the commercials to see them ahead of time.  These insanely expensive mini-movies featuring a product is brilliant entertainment. The Super Bowl ads are funnier than some half  hour TV shows. Don’t you wish the commercials were that funny and entertaining all the time?

This year I’m excited to see Pink sing the National Anthem. Knowing she’s a huge Eagles fan, I am going to bet that she’ll dye her hair green for this performance. The half time show should be pretty exciting too. Justin Timberlake rented the IZOD center in New Jersey to rehearse his Super Bowl show. New Jersey is the perfect place to hide away from the media and put together a show in secrecy!

Enjoy the game and I hope your team wins BIG – Maryann Morgan