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It’s that time of year for experts everywhere to look into their crystal balls and tell us what the biggest trends of the year will be. It turns out the area of fitness is no different — here are some of the trends the fitness professionals are seeing, courtesy of Self:

  • High-intensity interval training. Often referred to as HIIT, this is an approach that involves short bursts of maximum workout effort followed by low-intensity recovery. Mixing some days of HIIT into your workout routine will definitely maximize your calorie burn!
  • Wearable fitness technology. The watches and bands that are all the rage are only becoming more popular. Their ability to track everything from your heart rate to steps and sleep mean you’re constantly reminded of how effective – or ineffective – your health and fitness efforts are every day.
  • Yoga. The physical and mental health benefits of yoga continue to help it grow in popularity. The various niches of yoga, including Bikram and power yoga, keep it fresh.

Burning more calories, improving the connection with your mind and body, and easily keeping track of your progress – sounds like a roadmap to fitness success this year!

– Dan Mulcahey