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Binge watching is a real thing these days thanks to Netflix & Hulu. All your favorite shows are literally a click away. And to be honest, doing nothing but sitting around in front of the T.V on a lazy Sunday is my all time favorite thing to do these days. But lets all be real, whenever we turn on Netflix we spend more time trying to figure out what to watch than we do actually watching! This has become a terrible habit of mine because when I do finally decide what to put on, I’m pretty much ready for bed. However, this has recently changed because I got sucked right back into two of my all time favorite shows, “How I Met Your Mother” & of course “Friends.”

Do you ever scroll through Facebook & come across an article that you just have to click and read? Well, a few months ago I saw one that was titled “All your favorite Netflix shows that will be dropped next month.” Obviously I had to check it out and the first show listed was How I Met Your Mother. If you have never heard if it before, it’s a sitcom comedy about a father telling his two children this long dragged out for NINE SEASONS story of how he met their mother. This show is seriously hilarious and it hurts my soul knowing it wasn’t going to be at my figure tips anymore. But it would have been impossible to watch every episode in just a month. Then it hit me,”CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” (Little inside joke for those who have seen the show.) I pretty much dedicated all my T.V time to this one show and enjoyed every minute of it all the way up to the ending. Why you ask? Because BOOOOO! That ending was WEAK!

When that came to an end I had to find a new show to watch but in my opinion, every thing these days are so bad! So I had to go back to an all time classic, Friends. Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica & Phoebe, the group of friends everybody wanted to be a part of. Why is this show so good? I have seen every episode probably five times already but still to this day I get sucked in to watching it over and over again!

Wait a minute …. I have way to much time on my hands. Anybody wanna go play outside like the good ol days?