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If anyone is as much of a Grey’s Anatomy fan as I am, you’ve probably heard the line “It’s a beautiful day to save lives” more times than you can possibly count! I got aboard the Grey’s train relatively late, only starting to watch a few years back. (Can you believe we’re in the middle of season 14 already?!) And if there has ever been a show that has been conducive to binge watching, Grey’s is it!

I stopped watching around 9 seasons in and felt the need to start fresh from season 1 again late last year and get through the current season. By some miracle, I am almost up-to-date with the latest episodes. I just have a few more to get through so that I can start watching them fresh when they air on TV! If it’s late enough at night, I do love to cozy up in bed with a nice vodka martini (slightly dirty with a blue cheese-stuffed olive or three) as I watch on my iPad. (Just some seltzer if it’s early in the week!) There was one day last week that I was up until 3 a.m. watching episode after episode; needless to say, waking up the next morning required multiple cups of (very strong) coffee.

There are a number of reasons why I love the show. The opening and closing narratives always are extremely relatable. If you haven’t really taken the time to listen to them, make it a point to do it the next time you watch – you’ll quickly see why I’m so obsessed! The characters are so well-developed, and even though many have come and gone through the years (Come back, Cristina!), I love how you’re able to grow to love the new characters just as much as you’ve become obsessed with the ones who have been around for years like Meredith and Alex.

On top of that, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. That show definitely made “Chasing Cars” and “How to Save a Life” the two smash songs they are. But aside from that, they also feature some amazing slower covers of more uptempo hits, like a cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich and a fabulous cover of “Dancing on My Own” by Calum Scott, which closed out season 13. (You need to check these out!) It’s really interesting when they slow down the songs, and you can really appreciate the lyrics in a whole new way.

Aside from the show itself, I just love watching it with my friends who are doctors (I have more than I can count!); it’s a riot to hear their reactions at the stuff that’s not medically accurate or try to watch them guess what the diagnosis is. I don’t even try – I think I’d win the lottery before I ever could correctly guess a diagnosis!

Does this describe you? Are you addicted to Grey’s as much as I am? Let me know – and share a few shows that I should start binging on when I finally get caught up. (How to Get Away with Murder is next on the list. Maybe I’m just addicted to Shonda Rhimes shows?) Be right back – I have to start watching again before the new episodes come out on Thursday!