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It’s Award Season! Why do we spend our late Sunday afternoons watching the awards?

I love the Golden Globes and the Oscars, not because I really care who wins but because it’s a reason to have a party and get really dressed up with my friends. The preparation takes weeks.  My friends and I hit up the local thrift shops for evening gowns to wear for the night.  I spend longer doing my hair for an awards party than I do when I attend a wedding or a holiday party. The false eyelashes and glue on nails come out to play. I take my most flamboyant jewelry and place layers around my neck, wrist and ears.   I feel as though I am channeling Liz Taylor!

Before guests arrive, I hang up a banner as the backdrop and place either a long red carpet or a white roll of thick paper on the floor for my guests to walk on and take pictures. I remove all hair stuck in my brush so I can use  my hair brush as my mic for a pretend question and answer.  After the selfie session, we vote on our favorite celebrity to win in the different categories. We all throw in a couple of bucks and do a little winners pool.  It’s such a fun and glamorous day!

I never did the celebrity worship thing but I do have a few favorites. Cameron Diaz always makes me laugh. Julia Roberts has such a range of characters that she can play a convincing role in anything she does. Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara, and Mila Kunis are among my favorites too.  I never dreamed of receiving an award myself. I am happy just playing dress up and watching the glitz from my living room.

 Maryann is a blogger who hopes to one day channel the Red Carpet where the Big Kahunas took their walk.