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I love this time of year because it’s the beginning of the award show season! What better way to spend five hours on a school night?

The dresses are the best part! Who could forget Charlize Theron in 2004 dazzling in her Gucci gown with a floor-shimmering silhouette and a plunging backless cut and draping train? I can, and do, but I’m sure it was beautiful. I’m not sure what I would wear, perhaps simply a Wonder Woman tube top would be elegant (less is more).

We all love to see the uncensored, unexpected and unscripted. As in 2009; do you recall Beyonce’s face when Kanye stole Taylor’s moment at the MTV Video Music Awards. I do, however, I have no clue what they were wearing. 

And then there’s the trophy presentations and speeches. There’s always one winner who is surprised how heavy it is and a few who “didn’t expect this” and “didn’t prepare anything because I didn’t think I would win.” If I were to win any of these awards, I think my acceptance speech would be very similar to Joe Pesci’s in 1991…

Joel is an award show blogger who enjoys making that cool noise by rubbing his fingers on balloons