LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 15: The box of doughnuts bought by Prince Harry at the Bread Ahead as he toured stalls during a visit to Borough Market which has opened yesterday for the first time since the London Bridge terrorist attack on June 15, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Every year we set out on our “New Years Resolution,” whether it be to get in shape, eat better, drink more water, stop smoking, etc. Going into 2018, I didn’t know what I really want to resolve about myself because for the past few I kept telling myself “This is the year I get in shape.” A box of doughnuts later I would look in the mirror and say, “Well there is always next year right?

Well this year is honestly different because 2018 is a big year for me. One of the most important events in my life is happening, I’M GETTING MARRIED! Now some will be like, “Who cares, why would you want to get in shape to get married?” Well, me and my fiance decided we wanted to tie the knot down in beautiful Cancun, Mexico! Woohooo right? The beaches & pools, whats to be worried about? The only thing many people don’t know about me is, I am super self conscious about my body weight & ever since I was a kid, walking around shirtless has always been weird for some reason.

So since we’ll be down is Mexico on our wedding day with family & friends, it’s my mission to be comfortable with myself by trimming the pounds and getting in shape because I’m honestly tired of being that guy walking around with a shirt in the pool! I know it’s a cliche resolution, but this is something I always wanted to accomplish and you know what? I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


Oh look ….. Chips & Dip! Be right back!