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I’ve been thinking long and hard about my thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, and I have to say, I’m not really one to make them and stick to them just because it’s January 1 or a brand new year. For me, it’s counter-intuitive. Why force yourself to do something if you’re not ready? Am I right? I’ve done a lot in my lifetime that requires quite a bit of determination and resolve, including moving to a brand new city where I barely knew anyone and losing over 100 pounds when I realized those burgers and fries weren’t doing me any good!

But, the common theme of some of my biggest life changes is that I did them when I was ready. One day, I realized I was ready to move to a new place, wanting a new adventure where I could expand my horizons. What sparked it? I wish I knew! But, I just had a gut feeling, and sure enough, a short while later, my dream came true! And, what sparked me to lose the weight? I really think I just looked in the mirror one day, said, “Wow; this isn’t good,” and started walking more. Then walking led to jogging, to the gym and finally accepting that salads don’t have to be boring!

Would I like to hit the gym more in 2018? Lose a bit more weight? Be less stressed and a bit more even-tempered? Of course! Even though I did hit the gym a few times already this year, it’s because I felt ready to get back into a routine after a ton of overindulging during the holidays. (Wine and cheese, anyone? Vodka martinis and pigs and a blanket? Ha!) But I don’t think that forcing yourself into a resolution just because it’s New Year’s is really that helpful.

So, if you’re still getting back into a rhythm heading to work and school after the holidays, get yourself into a good place before thinking of making those resolutions. You never know when your next light bulb will go off. (At least that’s one guy’s take!) Do you agree? Let me know!

As the Goo Goo Dolls sing in the song that I always play around Christmas and New Year’s on Magic, let’s make this year full of “Better Days,” complete with each of us improving at least one or two things in our lives!