A New Year is Like Pressing a Reset Button and Starting  Fresh

The New Year is the best time for new beginnings. It’s like closing the door from the past and opening a new, untouched door to the future. The New Year is the time to start something you never tried before and trust where this uncertainty will lead you. I like to think of the New Year like taking a shower and washing away the past.  This, my friends, is the time to mark the start of anything you want. Why not dive into things that you have never had the confidence to conquer?

I forget where I saw  “Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over she began to fly.”  So go ahead and fly into the New Year by doing something that you were afraid to try and enjoy what’s ahead.  Who knows! 2018 could turn out to be your best year ever!

If Maryann was a real therapist, she would not let anyone leave her couch without realizing, If you are NOT where you want to be that should be enough motivation for a New Year’s Resolution!