Have I ever told you how much I love the X-Files?  It’s actually kind of surprising, because usually anything suspenseful or scary gives me nightmares for weeks!   Not this show, though!   I love it, and actually ask some friends to come over for “Girls Night Viewing Parties!”    It’s something to do when the weather is cold, and you’re mostly stuck inside.

I think the reason I enjoy the show so much is because there’s an actual “story” between Mulder and Scully.  They’re in a relationship without being in a “relationship,” and underneath it all, it’s based on trust and to some degree, love.

I will say that after the last 6 episode season from 2 years ago, I wasn’t inclined to bring my garbage pail to the curb for about a month (if you saw THAT episode, you know why) but I am looking forward to tonight, and the next few Wednesday’s!   It will certainly help pass the time and help January fly by for sure!


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