Happy New Year!

Maybe you’ve made a resolution for 2018 or maybe you’d like to but can’t think of one that’s suitable for you. Perhaps I can help. Remember, a goal needs to be quantifiable and measurable. For instance, rather than “lose weight” be more specific with something like “lose 10 pounds.” Or instead of “drink less” try “no more than 5 drinks a day.”  Avoid general goals such as “adopt more children,” and be specific with “acquire 15 girls and 27 boys.” If you’re hoping to “shave your neighbor’s hairy back, chest, legs, and head,” for instance, then a more direct approach would be “make sure my neighbor is hairless before the 4th of July.” It’s likely you’re hoping to “sneeze on a stranger” in the coming year. This is a tricky one because there are many strangers; it’s difficult to be specific because you don’t know their name. So maybe try to narrow it down with something like “sneeze on a stranger eating soup,” get it? Remember, it’s better to accomplish your resolutions rather than be a weight gaining drunk soup sneezer with 43 kids!

I hope this helps you with your journey and a Happy 2018!!!

Joel is a resolution blogger who likes kissing dogs through a fence.