A few years ago, my God Mother, Kate, bought me a cat manger for under the tree. I absolutely love it (are you surprised?!) but what I love even more is when the “real” cats sleep behind it!   All of our older cats used to love it, and now, Rock Star Cat Cornell and Dolly Dagger make it their “hot spot” for a few weeks!   Check out the pic; Dolly very rarely looks at the camera, but Cornell is all “Oh, look at me!”

When it comes to a favorite Christmas movie, I’m tied with our night time personality, Brett Radler!   He chose “Love Actually” and that’s my fave, too!   Everything about this movie is wonderful, but I think my fave part is how there are different stories being intertwined around each other, and the airport scene that opens the movie gets me every time!   People hugging, happy to see one another, while Hugh Grant narrates in the background and talks about “Messages of Love.”   Just writing this, my eyes are filling up!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for listening to us!


Debbie’s a Maniacal Music Lover, Met fan, Animal Advocate, and Cosmo drinker!