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I Love Wrapping Myself in a Cozy Throw on the Couch Wearing My Fuzzy Socks

This is the time of year that I look forward to relaxing on the couch, snuggled in my throw, eating popcorn or cookies while watching Tv. Christmas movies warm my heart and suddenly I forget about everything happening in the world around me.

My Top 3 Picks start with a classic remake of A Christmas Carol. I wish every angry, mean, selfish person could have a change of heart.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 1989

This has to be one of Chevy Chase’s greatest movies. His sweet and silly character makes me belly laugh every time I watch it.

The Santa Clause

Tim Allen brought so much joy playing Santa. I can’t think of anyone who could have been more holly or jolly than him. It’s a magical movie that gets kids to fantasize about their own Dad being the real thing. Even though my Dad never dressed in a Santa suit, he’s Santa to me.

So go ahead, snuggle with your spouse and kids and enjoy a great Holiday movie! – Maryann