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Of All The Horrible Things To Find In Your Toilet

We all have seen horror movies where something scary has popped up out of a person’s toilet. Well, we have another freaky story to add to your frightening repertoire. When one family in Seattle was walking into the bathroom, they noticed something odd. A snake was hiding in their apartment’s toilet.

Yes, that’s right, somehow a snake managed to find his way up into the toilet bowl. All of our childhood fears about freaky reptiles being able to go through the pipes are coming true!

KOMO-TV reports that they called the police instantly after finding the snake in the bowl. The children of the family were the first to notice the 4-foot snake hiding inside of the Lake City apartment. We can only imagine that the parents didn’t believe the kids at first.

Seattle Police Dept. on Twitter

A Lake City family found a snake in their toilet. If it's yours, please call 206 625-5011.


Officers arrived at the scene to help remove the ball python. Luckily, it wasn’t a venomous constrictor and, notes the Associated Press, is a popular choice to have as a pet.

If anyone in the Seattle area is missing their pet ball python, now you know!

Both the snake and the family are safe.



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