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Maryann’s Top 3 Christmas Songs

Debbie Mazella asked me to name my 3 favorite Christmas songs.  It took me a little while to come up with my list because I have 11 favorites! The songs I chose are the classics, the songs that bring back the memories of my childhood.  The times when my grandparents, aunts, uncles , and cousins all got together for the Holidays. It was a time when life truly was merry and gay! Aside from a few gifts that stood out over the years, it wasn’t about the presents but, gathering around the piano singing Christmas songs that were the best memories for me. As we grew older myself and family had less interest in practicing our piano skills, so, instead we gathered around the karaoke machine and sang.  The Holidays for us was about the family, food, drink and singing!

O Tannenbaum, Vince Guaraldi 

This song paints the picture of my childhood memories. We had a silver Christmas tree.  Yes, silver, but it was the most beautiful tree ever because we all decorated it with love. We had a white Steinway Piano in our living room.  My dad placed a multi colored spinning light to shine on that area so when you were playing the piano it was like you were on a magical stage. O Tannenbaum was a song we always played and sang to.


White Christmas, Bing Crosby

From the Holiday Inn Soundtrack, you can’t get any more traditional than this song. Starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, the film received an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Paramount  wanted Irving Berlin to write a song about each of the major holidays. Berlin found writing a song about Christmas was the most challenging  due to his Jewish upbringing. I can’t imagine Christmas without that song in the background.

Silent Night, Nat King Cole

This song brings back the memories of Midnight Mass.  The smell of frankincense and myrrh filled the air.  It was as if the stained glass windows showed vibrant colors never seen before.  Poinsettia plants, wreaths and garland were seen throughout.  A time when people dressed in new outfits and groomed themselves to the best of their ability. A night I had an excuse to drink a sip of wine. A night to gather for standing room only where folks felt hope and comfort.