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Everyone has their favorite Christmas songs. So when I was asked to name my top three, I picked a “classic”, a “modern” and an “obscure.”

The classic has to be “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses. While I’ve heard it thousands of times, it always reminds me of my youth and each year since I was a kid, when it comes back on the radio it means that the Christmas season has begun.

A more modern fave is “Shake Up Christmas” by Train. You don’t hear it much, and it’s a feel good, upbeat tune. There’s also a new 2017 version.

And my “obscure” is “My Baby Fell For Old Saint Nick” by Dada. It’s about 25 years old and has less than 200 views.  It’s quite possible that I’m the only one who likes it, but that’s ok.

Shoot me an email and let me know your top 3!


Joel Katz is Holiday song list blogger who enjoys chasing ping pong balls on a windy cruise ship