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Over 50 Million Americans Are Expected to Travel this Thanksgiving Week


In case you missed this mornings “What’s Trending”  here are some tips to follow so your home will be secure while you are away.

Law enforcement officials say you should not put your home address on your luggage tags because thieves use this info to break into homes. It’s suggested to use your business address instead.

Don’t announce your travel plans on Facebook or other social media. Post pictures after your trip.

Don’t announce that you’ll be away on your answering machine.

Purchase a timer that will automatically turn on lamps when it gets dark.

Temporarily stop your mail, or have a neighbor pick up your mail, packages or newspapers.

Close blinds or shades so people cannot see your huge flat screen TV from the road or sidewalk. (That goes for hiding your expensive stereo system too).

Don’t forget to secure the patio doors.

A TSA reminder: if you are traveling with Thanksgiving food dishes like cranberry sauce, mustard, creamy dips, etc., pack them in your checked baggage.  My tip: if you pack cranberry sauce in with your clothes be sure to pack fabric stain remover and laundry detergent.

Happy and Safe Travels – Maryann