It’s time to accept the fact that pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING is now a way of life.

Fall is here and you can expect to see a lot of pumpkin spice products at Thanksgiving feasts.  Some taste delicious and some taste so sweet you may as well lick your sugar bowl. Companies are getting creative in trying to get in on the craze.  Although we may not agree with all the new concoctions here are some you may, or may not, choose to grab off the shelves:

GUM                          PUDDING                            TORTILLA CHIPS                                 FETTUCCINE

CEREAL                   ICE CREAM                         KALE CHIPS                                           COOKIES

BUTTER                   BAGELS                                CREAMERS                                            MARSHMALLOW

PRETZELS              CANDY                                  COFFEE/TEA                                          POTATO CHIPS

Although I could  appreciate a good Pumpkin Latte from time to time, when I drove by a NJ farm this week and saw these cows pictured on this page eating pumpkins, it was at that moment I realized where a good cup of Pumpkin Latte really comes from 😉