Did you watch the CMA’s the other night?   It was a great show!   My friend Myra loves Little Big Town, and we were texting each other during the show.   I was telling her how my dad loved the Glenn Campbell song, “Wichita Lineman.’  He used to sing it to me, and would sing goofy lyrics (on purpose) to make me laugh!   Seeing Little Big Town do it live brought back such a good memory for me.   I told Myra, and she so kindly got the link for me and sent it along.   I wanted to share it with you.   The presentation was great, the harmonies are so good, and it was wonderful performance.

I put a pic here of my Mom and Dad from a trip they took to San Francisco.   He passed away in 2011, and while I miss him, I have a ton of great memories, and thanks to Little Big Town’s performance, I was reminded of a good one involving music!

Check it out here!

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