The Hottest Holiday Trend For 2017 is a Christmas Pineapple

Are you ready to trade in the tradition of decorating the typical Christmas tree to decorate the top of a pineapple instead? Decorating pineapples has grown in popularity over the years.  It started with people decorating and carving pineapples instead of pumpkins.  Now people are making pineapples the new Christmas tree.  Hang some bulbs on the green stem leaves or top it with a Santa hat. You can paint it  and add glimmer string lights around it.

At first I thought this was a crazy craze, now I’m thinking this is brilliant! I will be visiting my son in California this Holiday season and  boarding the plane with a pineapple.  What more affordable and easier way to make the season bright but to decorate a pineapple .  Pineapple trees are perfect for small spaces or for the dining table as a centerpiece.  Think about it, you will never have to vacuum up pine needles again! Now that I think about it, you can always decorate one and give it as a gift. It’s sure to make a great door stop.

(Maryann is an advocate for saving the pine trees and decorating pineapples instead)