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Twilight Fans Are Going To LOVE This News

It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since the book Eclipse from the Twilight Series was released, but time sure does fly when you're obsessed with a series focused mostly on vampires and werewolves.

Or in the case of the Cullen's, time stands still since they never age.

To celebrate the anniversary, some of your favorite props from the saga are up for auction. Yes, that's right, a piece of Cullen history can be yours forever!

According to Entertainment Weekly, roughly 600 props from The Twilight Saga are featured in the auction.

Prop Store recently made the announcement on their Twitter account.

Some of our favorite items up for auction is one of the jerseys worn during the Cullen/Bella baseball game, the Cullen family jewelry, and a Volterra robe.

The auction runs until November 17.

Prop Store on Twitter

Never go for the obvious kill." Register for the #TwilightOnlineAuction today: https://t.co/VOW3Yz5BXn #JasperHale

Prop Store on Twitter

Sport some Cullen pride! Register for the #TwilightOnlineAuction today: https://t.co/VOW3Yz5BXn

Prop Store on Twitter

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from your friends in Volterra! Register for the #TwilightOnlineAuction today: https://t.co/VOW3Yz5BXn

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