Twice a year, I have this “friendly” little discussion with my good friend, Elise, about Daylight Saving Time.   She loves the extra daylight in the morning, but I happen to enjoy some extra daylight at night.   She likes waking up and going for a run at 6am and seeing sunshine.  I tell her “Wait till 7, and you’ll be fine!”  She tells me “Leave work earlier, and you’ll have some sun for your ride home!”   For the past 14 years, we always joke with each other about what’s better, and we agree to disagree!

I think my problem is just this time of year!  I don’t like the cold, shorter days, and the hustle of the holidays.   I love spring, warm weather, longer days, baseball, and everything blooming again.

People say “yeah, but you get an extra hour of sleep!”  Not really:  A study out of Michigan State University says we only gain about 12 minutes, and another study from Mattress Firm reveals that 82% of people admit to being tired and groggy!   There’s also a study out of Stanford that says the likelihood of traffic accidents increases after the time change, and the switch also has an impact on the economy!

If there’s one thing you should do as we “Fall Back” it’s check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and change the batteries, too!   That, and wait for baseball season to start up again..which reminds me…144 days to go until opening day…sigh…

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