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Mike McGinn

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A few years ago my Fiance came across a post on Facebook about this young man who had a dog that he could no longer take care of because of his busy work schedule. Now a lot of people would say, ” If you’re to busy with work, you should have never decided to buy a pet you couldn’t take care of.” Well the sad truth about it all was the fact that the dog was never really his, it was his roommates. But one day his roommate decided to pack his bags and move away to Philadelphia unannounced leaving his dog behind.

The young man looked after the dog as much as he could for about 2 months, before realizing he was unable to give this dog the love and care it needed. So, he had to turned to Facebook hoping that somebody would be able to give the dog a home or he would have no option but to bring the dog to the pound. Once my fiance saw the post she looked over at me with her own little puppy dog eyes and right then and there I knew, we were about to be puppy parents. So we took the drive to Manhattan where the dog was and on that same night we met this little Jack Russell, Beagle mix named “Trigger.”

You can tell at first he was very friendly and all he wanted was some love so that was exactly what we gave him. We wanted him to know that we were there for him and we were not going to leave his side like his previous owner had done. Now that he was home we weren’t sure how we felt about the name “Trigger.” But was it to late to change a name he was already used too? We were about to keep it for his sake, until one day I was getting ready for work and I went to put my belt on and he ran away and hid thinking I was going to hit him. Then we realized this dog had been abused in the past, and Trigger would just remind him of all those terrible times. So after about two hours of thinking of different names, we realized he was our “Buddy.” 


Mr. Buddy has been with my Fiance & I for several years now and we couldn’t be happier. The funny thing is, we actually call him our son and I think my soon to be wife loves him more than me! lol!