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Is your Boss a monster, aka “Bonster”? 

A new Monster survey shows that 40% of employees have quit a job because of their boss. In honor of Halloween, here are the most feared bosses and the monsters they simulate:


  • Cruella Deville – an abusive tyrant
  • Jekyll and Hyde – unpredictable
  • Jack Torrance (The Shining) – the micro-manager
  • Phantom of the Opera – the glory hog
  • The Invisible Man or Woman- rarely answers email or shows up
  • Dracula – expects you to be available late at night
  • Beetlejuice – offensive and disgusting
  • Freddy Krueger – inappropriate and “touchy”
  • Cookie Monster – eats your cookies

Does your boss match any of these? If so, call him or her by their “Bonster” name today for fun!!! (actually, don’t do that)

Joel Katz is a “Monster Blogger” who likes kissing dogs through a fence