Many Celebrities Claim They Have Had an Encounter With a Ghost

Simon Cowell told the Sun that he once lived in a haunted house. He heard banging on his door and crashing noise in the kitchen. One day all the stuff had fallen in the kitchen. It got so bad, he had to call in an exorcist.

Reese Witherspoon says she believes in spirits. After her grandfather died, she was rehearsing a play and saw her grandfather sitting there smiling at her.

Jennifer Aniston told Harpers Bazaar that she once rented a haunted house where her roommate would talk to dead people. Things would literally fly of the shelves, the tv and stereo would go on all of a sudden, and the coffee pot would start making coffee. Now every house she goes to she has a healer or medium come through.

This seems the creepiest… Nicolas Cage told Event magazine that he once bought the most haunted house in America. Someone told him that his son, who was 9 at the time, would be dead by the time he was 15.  Nicolas told that person to back away from the house and they did.  His son, Weston, is now 23!

The National Enquirer claims Dana Carvey is haunted by Robin Williams.  Robin tells Carvey that he should never worry about anything because it’s all beautiful in the end.

Out of everything I read here, I’m going to walk away with  “never worry about anything because it’s all beautiful in the end.”  Happy Halloween, I hope it’s Spooktacular!