So Halloween has to be by far one of my favorite holidays ever! Unfortunately, as we get older it’s hard to find the time to go all out with our costumes. But in college, me and my friends would always try and out do one another to have the best costume at all the parties. Lets take a look back at a few of my favorite Halloween costume ideas. 

The Suicidal Zombie Mets Fans


Oh how it can be hard to be a New York Mets fan sometimes. The constant disappointment year after year can hurt the soul if you root for the boys in orange and blue. At the end of every year saying “It’s OK, next year is our year”, but only to realize that your favorite team has yet again disappointed you. So on the Halloween of 2010, me and a few of my buddies decided to have some fun and go as the “Suicidal Zombie Mets fans.”

Skeeter from the cartoon “Doug”

Born in 1990, one of my favorite cartoons ever was Nickelodeons Doug. But Doug wasn’t my favorite character on the show. His blue skinned, nose honking best friend named Skeeter was always the one who captured my attention as a kid. So I gathered two of my friends together to form the cast of the famous cartoon series. I went as Skeeter, my buddy Steve (Left) went as the green skinned bully Rodger & my other friend Matt (right) as Doug’s super hero alter ego Qual-Man.

Pauly-D from the Jersey Shore

When I was in college, the one show that was talked about around the world was MTV’s, The Jersey Shore. The show that took the world by storm with catch phrases such as “The cabs are here!” and “Gotta go GTL,” was talked about 24/7! And I admit it, I was hooked on the show as well. So me and my friend had to go as the the duo of Snooki and DJ Pauly-D. This would be the first and last time I had a blow out hairdo.

Now tell me, what were some of your favorite costumes of all time? Share them with me on Instagram & Twitter at @itsMcGinn & of course @Magic983!