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ICYMI: Woman Trades 'Rick and Morty' Szechuan Sauce Packet For a Car

This Rick and Morty obsession has become insane! McDonald’s did not supply fans with enough Szechuan packets this past week and people went crazy.

Some folks who did not get a chance to get their hands on a packet of the sauce got creative. As we have reported before, fans have figured out how to create the sauce at home. One woman, living in Michigan figured out how to get a packet without waiting in line or making it at home.


Rachel Marie was able to get her hands on multiple packets which ended up leading to a car. How, you may ask?


She told HuffPost “When McDonald’s said they were bringing it back, I though it would be cool to get a sauce.” The nearest location to her hometown of Macomb that was giving away packets was in Detroit – which was 45 minutes away. The distance did not stop her and she continued to wait in line for a few hours.

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Someone traded a VW Golf GTI for one packet of the 'Rick and Morty' McDonald's szechuan sauce https://t.co/UNJvfzRidC


There were hundred of people waiting and, according to Rachel, the “line snaked around the building.” She stayed determined and managed to get her hands on 20 packets between her and her friends.


Once Rachel got home, she decided to try her sauce packet luck on Pin Nation. For those who are unaware of the service, it is a Facebook group that is dedicated to trading. She told Business Insider that she might as well try for a car.


Sure enough, an anonymous person accepted her trade of one Szechuan packet for a 2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk4. Rachel stated that the car is running and she knew the man was “a dedicated fan of the show and already had a second car.”


The man, who does not want to be revealed stated to Business Insider the he just wanted to get his hands on a packet of sauce.



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