In Case You Missed It On Thursday’s Morning Show, I Had an Intruder Crawl Into Bed With Me

Wednesday night at 11:17, my husband woke me to ask why I was running my hands up and down his back. I told him that I was sleeping and didn’t touch his back! He insisted it wasn’t a dream and what he felt was real. Now that my heart is racing from frantically being woken up, I turned on the light! That’s when I hear something and tell him “we’re not alone”! It turns out a baby squirrel crawled into our bed and wanted to join us for a good night’s sleep. I screamed and he ran into my son’s bedroom. We closed my son’s door thinking he will stay in there until we figured out how to capture him, but he was able to make himself thin and crawled under the door and back into our bed! After hours of chasing him between our son’s room and ours, we finally were able to keep him in my son’s room. We opened the window and after awhile he went out the window. So my advice to you is, don’t leave the house door open while you carry bags of groceries into the house because you too may be chasing a squirrel around in the middle of the night.