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Woman Checks Her Horse Into A Pet-Friendly Motel

When you think of a pet-friendly motel, you typically think that applies to cats or dogs. One Ontario woman broke that stereotype with her horse. Lindsey Patridge had three horses with her passing through Kentucky on her way to a competition. She saw people checking in their dogs at the Super 8 motel in Georgetown, so she asked the hotel front desk if she could bring in her horses.

Partridge told the news station CP24, “The lady at the desk just said, ‘Oh yeah, I wouldn’t care, go ahead, bring your horse in.”

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Ontario horse 'checks in' at pet-friendly Kentucky motel



Lindsey said that she wanted to prove that thoroughbred horses are a kind breed. She said, “They just have such a negative stereotype against them and unfortunately a lot of those horses do end up going to auction for slaughter. What I try to do is just try to show people that these are great horses that can be really calm and you can handle them really nicely.”

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Major props to this woman for convincing a hotel to let her share a room with her horse


After a few photos and moments shared in the motel, she then took her three horses to the competition site.  Blizz received third place in the trail division, while Lindsey’s other two horses got first and second.


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