Have You Seen This?

BROOKLYN, NY - SEPTEMBER 12: Rugrats characters attend the Nickelodeon sponsored 90sFEST Pop Culture and Music Festival on September 12, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

‘90s kids everywhere will understand what we are talking about! The Reptar bar from Rugrats has officially hit stores. Official FYE announced the new item in a tweet. They stated “The ‘90s nostalgia is real right now! Reptar bars are now available in stores at FYE WARNING: Reptar bars will turn your tongue green”.

The candy bar itself is based on the Rugrats gang’s favorite dinosaur. Tommy Pickles, in particular, was a huge fan of the fictional prehistoric creature. In the show, you may remember the child walking around with the toy. For true fans of the series, you may remember the Reptar wagon in The Rugrats Movie. Yes, we mentioned that 1998 classic!

The candy will be covered with images of the creature on the bar’s exterior. For those who are ready to chow down on the bar, there is a hidden surprise! Like FYE mentioned, the candy will turn your tongue green. Inside of the chocolate morsels is a green-go that is guaranteed to take you back to those Nickelodeon slime days.

Looking to purchase one of these delicious-looking bars? There are more than 250 FYE locations across the country.


If you want more ‘90s in your 2017 life, FYE has a series of other products that are guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. On their website, you can pre-order their Reptar Cereal. The Rugrats morning meal looks similar to Fruit Loops, but has a “monster flavor in every bite.” If you pre-order your box of cereal today, the order will ship out on November 1st.

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There is also a line of Nickelodeon-themed clothing available. So, make sure to get your candy bar, cereal and a new piece of clothing. You will feel like you have stepped into a time machine!


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