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Dan Mulcahey

Sundays 8am - 11am

Even if you’ve been consistently running or working out in some way since your 20s, once you hit 40 and beyond, even the best-conditioned body may not be able to bounce back as well as it once did. While exercise helps us age gracefully, it does require some additional considerations as we get older. Here are some tips for managing it, courtesy of Breaking Muscle:

  • Quality over quantity. Yes, you may not be able to pound out as many miles comfortably as you used to on those knees. But make those miles you do run count by including intervals or other ways to intensify the exercise. The same goes for weight lifting – shorten your rest or do abs between sets
  • Focus on your warmup. When you’re younger, it’s easy to skip these or do them half-heartedly. Give yourself enough warmup time with moves that take advantage of your full range of motion
  • Stretch before…and after your workout. Stretching before is part of your warmup, but stretching after can ease the aches and pains that can increase with age

With a little extra care, your workouts will keep on keeping you young!

– Dan Mulcahey