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The southeast is still struggling due to the after-effects of Hurricane Irma, but a new storm system might follow Irma’s path.

Tropical Depression 15 poses a hazard to the Southeastern United States and beyond.

The storm system is expected to be upgraded to a Tropical Storm later today and upgraded to a hurricane later on in the week.

If it is upgraded to a hurricane, it will be called Hurricane Maria.

According to USA Today, a Tropical Storm watch has been issued in St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, and Barbados.

The predicted path shows the storm system moving over the Leeward Islands on Monday or Tuesday, Puerto Rico by Wednesday, Hispaniola on Thursday, and then straight for the Florida Keys. With that being said, the path could change by the time the system inches towards the United States.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Jose is still churning nearly 500 miles away from the coast of North Carolina. Experts are not sure yet if Jose will make landfall but they predict parts of the east coast spanning from North Carolina to New England could be affected.

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