Hey there, it’s Rock Star Cat Cornell–I’m taking over my mom’s blog today to tell you about my Auntie Eileen and these two cats she rescued.

First of all, Auntie Eileen is a PAWSOME human!  She has several cats of her own, works a full-time job, and during her days off (and most nights, too) she works with a lot of rescue groups to TNR cats!  If you’re not sure what that is, it’s pretty simple–it stands for “Trap, Neuter, Return.”  It basically takes cats that are feral, makes sure they can’t have any more kittens, and releases them back to the area they were.   There’s a lot of people who feed the colonies of cats, and the cats in turn help to keep rodents away from businesses and neighborhoods.

So, Auntie Eileen trapped these two lovelies, but when she went to release them, they immediately started purring and didn’t want to leave the carriers.   After talking with several rescue groups, it was determined that “Kevin” and “Katrina” were abandoned, not feral, and actually domesticated!   This is the part of the blog where I beg for some help from you (instead of begging for tuna treats).

Do you know someone who could foster these two beauties or anyone who would want to adopt them?  If you do, let my mom know!   Send an email to debbiem@magic983.com or text the studio line at 732-545-8275.

They are already spayed and neutered, and vetted, too,  so all they need is a chance to have a wonderful life, just like I did when my mom rescued me!

Thanks for reading this, and always remember “Adopt, Don’t Shop!”

“Kevin” (L) and “Katrina” (R)