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Man Sets Record For Having A Lot Of Bees On His Face

The Guinness World Records started in the early 1950’s by Sir Hugh Beaver.

After an argument in a bar about the facts of a shooting party, he decided to put together a small book of interesting figures. Since then, the book has brought together the strange, bizarre and talented individuals of the world to show off their talents.

Each year, the Guinness World Records brand released a new book where they try to incorporate new records made in that year. Well, thanks to one fearless man, there will be another record added to the book series. Juan Carlos Noguez Ortiz proved this past Wednesday that he was not allergic to bees.

As reported by CBC News, Ortiz is an employee at the Dickey Bee Honey Farm in Toronto. His profession allowed him to come up with this buzzing idea. Juan decided to wear a beard of bees for 61 minutes, breaking the previous record of 53 minutes and 34 seconds.

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Ever wondered what 100,000 bees looks like? #BloodHoney


Previous to stepping in front of a crowd at Yonge-Dundas Square, he had only practiced the stunt twice before. Needless to say, we would have been mighty nervous to trust those stinging insects!

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An "un-bee-lievable" attempt at a Guinness World Record - man has head covered with 100,000 bees at #YDSquare #BloodHoney


In an interview with CBC News Toronto, he stated that he “wanted to show people that they don’t have to be scared of the bees.” If anything, watching him complete this stunt has made us want to watch Nicholas Cage in Wickerman again!

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The master beekeeper at the farm, Peter Dickey, helped Juan complete the stunt. He told CBC that they “brought 100,000 bees” with them to the event. However, he made sure to only bring “the gentle ones” so they did not sting Ortiz. Who knew that bees had personalities before this article? We sure didn’t.


The stunt was highly successful and went off without a hitch…or a sting.


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