Have You Seen This?

Let’s face it – the world is kind of a mess lately.

There’s flooding, there’s a lot of chaos in the news, and left and right, people are getting offended by LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

So rather than focus on that, it’s time to focus on some good stuff. Here are 10 great things we can pay attention to, in which you can have a Positive Mental Attitude about:


Amazon Lowers Whole Foods Pricing 43% On The First Day Of Service

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

You may not be a Whole Foods shopper, and you may have even laughed at the joke of Taylor Swift’s dance squad in “Look What You Made Me Do” looking like a “Whole Foods, Gluten Free Beyonce” Version, but here’s the gist: Since Amazon bought Whole Foods, they promised to lower prices. Well, they did deliver, with the first full day, they dropped the pricing in the stores from Bananas to Fish, to Eggs, and even Avocados that Millenials are putting on Toast. Though this may not be a triumphant thing for you if you’re not, let’s say, a Detroiter within walking distance of a Whole Foods, let’s chalk it up to a corporation ACTUALLY DOING WHAT THEY PROMISED.