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Gecko Takes Up Residence Inside Man's Ear

We have all heard of a spider being stuck in a person’s ear, but imagine having a gecko lodged in your ear hole. Needless to say, this rare occurrence sounds extremely painful. For one man living in Guangzhou, China, a tiny gecko called his ear hole home for a few days. While the man was taking a nap, the tiny creature decided to climb into the spot.

As soon as the man woke up, he noticed something was wrong with his ear. We can only imagine the type of pain he had to be in! He noticed the small creature in his earhole and attempted to pull it out. However, this action didn’t work well. Instead of capturing the creature, he frightened the gecko and it crawled even further into his ear.

The man arrived at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University and was promptly seen at the Emergency Department. Whomever was working that shift must have been surprised with what they found! In order to retrieve the gecko, they gave the animal anesthesia is order to prevent it from climbing farther into the ear.

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Horrified patient has a live GECKO removed from his ear... but medics have no idea where the animal's tail is

Once the reptile was removed, there was one thing missing…his tail! That’s right, the gecko’s tail was feared to be stuck in the man’s ear. However, after searching, it was assumed that the creature lost his tail before claiming a spot in his ear.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the man did not have to stay at the hospital. Doctors told him that he needed to “rest for two days” and obviously try to avoid geckos. Luckily, the man didn’t have any permanent damage to his ear.

As for the gecko, we haven’t heard any updates on how he was doing post eviction. From pictures we’ve seen, we can only assume that he didn’t have as lucky as an ending.


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