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What a pleasure getting to speak with Devin Williams!  

Devin Williams3We did our interview on Thursday, June 30th, and he was pretty excited because his new single, “Before I Met You” was being released the next day.   It’s a great song…it’s got the all the ingredients to become your fave song this summer.  Devin’s so appreciative of all his success, and is a super nice, talented guy.  I look forward to meeting him one day and having him in the studio at Magic 98.3!

Take a listen to our interview, connect with him, and become a fan (and you’re welcome for the ear worm you’re about to hear with his new single, too!)

Update: Always love catching up with artists who were previously featured in ON THE VERGE, and I especially love Devin Williams!   He’s not afraid to branch out, do something different, and perhaps, turn people on to a new genre of music.   His new project is called “We Are Forever Yours” and I think once you hear his vocals and the positivity in these songs, you’ll be hooked.   Oh, and if you listen to the end of the interview, he surprises me with a Foo Fighters reference, too!  Love you, Devin!   You’re welcome to check in with me anytime!

Part 1 (7/5/16):

Part 2 (8/17/17):



(Photos and Videos courtesy of Devin Williams)

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