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Dan Mulcahey

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You’ve decided you’re going to eat healthier (or your significant other is encouraging you to join them in their quest), and you find yourself munching on more salad. You throw in lettuce, a bunch of toppings and dressing. But is it actually healthy? Just as “taco salad” is an oxymoron in most cases, you could be sabotaging your efforts. Here are some common pitfalls, courtesy of

  • Have the right balance of protein. Too little, and you’re going to be starving an hour later. Too much, and you’re blowing the calorie count. Choose meat, beans, cheese or eggs – but not all four
  • Find the right dressing. This is the number one calorie killer. Try to find a low-fat vinaigrette that is full of flavor so you actually enjoy what you’re eating. Nothing will encourage you to fall off the salad wagon like no flavor
  • Don’t forget some starch. Round out your perfect salad with some roasted corn, roasted potatoes or quinoa
  • While you’re at it, don’t go for iceberg lettuce. Try spring mix, romaine or kale (for the latter, it is MUCH better in a salad than those shakes…yuck)

Make the most of those greens!

– Dan Mulcahey