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Dan Mulcahey

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Few things have more of a ripple effect on your entire day than a lack of sleep. From poor food choices to skipping the gym, the amount of sleep we get every day can have a huge influence on the decisions we make. If you’re like me, it can be tough to get back to your sleep schedule on Sunday nights after a busy weekend that may have included sleeping in. Here are some tips, courtesy of CNN:

  • Distract yourself. Make mental lists of trivial things, like how you would decorate your dream beach house
  • Focus on staying awake. As odd is this may sound, relieving the pressure you’re putting on yourself to fall asleep can have the effect you’re looking for. The brain is a mysterious machine!
  • Write down what is on your mind. This helps put your worries in perspective and out of your brain to be dealt with when you wake up

Good night!

– Dan Mulcahey