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Serena Needs Pregnancy Advice And Twitter's Got Her Back

Tennis legend Serena Williams is pregnant and it's a lot tougher than she anticipated.

So, she has sought out help from the Internet.

On Tuesday, Serena tweeted, "Any tips on how to turn over at night? I'm having trouble from going from my left....to my right....to my left side."

And surprisingly, Twitter seems invested in her well-being. The responses are rather genuine and appear to be from mother's who have had similar difficulties.

Hazel Clark Mac on Twitter

@serenawilliams Lay on your left side and put a pillow between your legs. I only lay on my left side it's best for the baby. I believe it's blood flow.

RoyalCollegeObsGyn on Twitter

@ThisIsButt @serenawilliams Hi @serenawilliams, try supporting your bump with pillows and putting one between your knees (1/3) https://t.co/bsr4tbUpOc

Roshanda E. Pratt on Twitter

@serenawilliams Me too as I am almost 6 mths. Body pillows don't work 4 me but you may want to try. It may be time to sleep slightly elevated. Best wishes.

Tangela Ekhoff on Twitter

@serenawilliams Roll on your back, Mama...then roll right/then back/ then left. You have to sing the lyrics to the Tootsie Roll! I don't make the rules.

Blessed Since 87 on Twitter

@serenawilliams Definitely go purchase a full pregnant body pillow that curves and fits to your body it helps with relief and an easier way to transition

And the stream of supportive tweets doesn't end there.

According to Babies Online, by the time women hit the third trimester, it can become too uncomfortable to sleep on the stomach or lie on the back. Even swapping from left to right can be a challenge because the baby may not like the position or decide to start poking and kicking, causing discomfort and frustration. The site reports that placing pillows between the knees, under the belly, and behind the back is a better solution that helps support the entire body.

Maybe with this solution, Serena can find some peace and relaxation at night. Or maybe not. I guess it's up to the little one.

Don't worry Serena, you are not alone. Lots of new mothers go through this same process, not always sure of what to do or what to expect. And dealing with pregnancy is not a one-size-fits all matter. What works for one woman may not work for another.

It's a learning process that becomes more manageable with time.

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