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When You Draw A Blank...Sorry, What Were We Talking About?

There's nothing that signifies growing older than when you were on a mission to take care of something when suddenly it leaves your mind as fast as a kid who runs down the stairs when he hears the word cake!  

But sometimes a mind that goes blank isn't always attributed to old age. Even young people can experience it.

Sometimes, you can be mid-sentence and completely forget your train of thought. You sit there searching for all the right words, but there's not even a bank to pull them from!

It happens to all of us and it's frustrating.

Here's how Twitter is handling blank brain!

richard. on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank I just assume it wasn't anything important

Judie Geeee! on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank Someone always fills it in..

Silver Eye☄ on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank you can't see anything.

Keebler Sidejob on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank it's because I walked through the archway of forgetfulness while walking into the kitchen.

Lindsay on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank It's because I drew an empty Cards Against Humanity card and no one has time to fill out a witty response.

Shelly????????shamefully on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank ... ugh forgot what I was going to say

Kevin on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank ... I'm sorry... what were we talking about?

craig onetweetwonder on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank on Facebook, I change my status to ' It's complicated '

Jessica Carberry on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank it's usually when I walk in a room to do or get something and forget why.

Marshall ???????????????????? on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank I can't even

Atomic Kitten. on Twitter

WhenIDrawABlank I disguise my stupidity with cuteness.


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