Is it obvious I love summer? Well that is because it is a beautiful time for pool, sun, and CONCERTS!

My favorite spot to go to see some of the best live shows around is at the PNC Bank Arts Center because it is right near my house! If I find myself with nothing to do or even better, getting out of work early, I can pop over the venue and buy a ticket for whatever show they have going on that evening the day of!

Now of course, if you go to a show at PNC Bank Arts Center, you have to do it the right way. That’s right, tailgates galore with the three B’s: burgers, booze, and the bebops! Some of my favorite summer nights have been spent alongside close friends with a cocktail in hand and being ready to dance my little tush off to one of my favorite musicians! Don’t hesitate to take advantage because summer nights are nothing without a good concert!

Debbie’s a Maniacal Music Lover, Met fan, Animal Advocate, and Cosmo drinker!